Media Training – The court of public opinion


There is a well worked phase in business circles “don’t shoot the messenger” – but in the case of your media spokesperson this does not apply. That is why they need to be trained and trained well.

The stakes can be high. It’s your organisation’s reputation and it can be their career.

Integrate Communications works with highly experienced professionals in media and PR from senior journalists, producers to presenters and camera operators.

We offer full day and half day programs tailored to your organisations needs as well as group sessions on media awareness, executive training and on-camera training.

Refresher courses are also offered. Your media spokesperson(s) need to be game ready for response and well briefed for campaign launch.

Did we mention media policy, how to manage calls from the media and managing under a crisis?


About This eBook

Dealing with the media is not rocket science – but there are pitfalls for the unwary. A quick read of this book will stop you from making some frequent basic mistakes. Protecting and building your brand – and personal brand, is worth the investment.

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