Often the terms Strategy and Plan get linked together as in “Strategic Plan”.
Let’s be clear, a strategy is ‘what’ you are going to achieve and in this case needs to be integrated with your over-arching organisation’s strategic objectives.

Understanding how your external messaging through main-stream or specialist media can help you achieve your organisation’s goals is the first step to developing a successful media strategy. The strategy articulates what you want to achieve – your Media Plan is how you get there.

Your Strategy needs to consider a number of things including

  • What are we trying to achieve?
  • How does this align or reinforce the organisations over-arching strategic goals?
  • Consistent key messages
  • Audience (target audience)
  • What else is happening around your issue/project
  • Other risks
  • Is it news?
  • Consistency of message with other communications -particularly internal communications
  • How will we know we have succeeded?

Your Plan needs to detail

  • The right media to target – channels and platforms to align with your target audience
  • Media organisations including on-line
  • Other social media options
  • Contacts and relationships
  • Timelines and responsibilities
  • Leverage of other above and below line promotions and advertising
  • Specific measures

Integrate Communications has developed a number of successful media strategies which have strengthened brand value, increased sales or patronage over time and facilitated on-going good relationship building with media.

Our aim is to leave a legacy of imbedded processes and systems that leave your organisation with the tools and knowledge to better manage and integrate your on-going media strategy with you overall company strategic objectives.

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Dealing with the media is not rocket science – but there are pitfalls for the unwary. A quick read of this book will stop you from making some frequent basic mistakes. Protecting and building your brand – and personal brand, is worth the investment.

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