Integrating change management into your project management framework is essential for success, particularly where your project outcomes will impact on the way people work or make decisions.

Most projects, even technology based ones do! Global change management leaders Prosci* have research which shows a six times increased likelihood of meeting project objectives if change management principles are integrated into the project management process.

We work with project managers to help identify critical success factors such as

  • Readiness for change
  • Sponsors and champions
  • Scope change impacts and the people who will be most affected
  • Making the changes stick – initiative to BAU
  • Ownership and advocacy

And we will work with your teams to

  • Develop change management plans including success factors, timelines and resourcing
  • Craft tailor made assessments, templates and other tools
  • Develop methodologies for continuous improvement
  • Build your capability to successfully manage the change impacts for future initiatives


*Prosci – Global Change Management Professionals and Accreditation



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