Consistent Messages that Reinforce your Strategic Goals

Core messages crafted to support and reinforce your organisations goals need to be consistent across all the communications platforms you use, – internal AND external. Creativity in crafting developing the messages to suit match the platform and audience is the gold-dust which will get you the results.

Communications Integrated Across All Platforms

No matter what channels you choose to reach your target markets, you need to make sure consistent messages are integrated across all parts of the matrix. You want the red pill – we will help you ask the right questions to get the results you seek.

Media Strategy and Planning

is about ensuring the right messages sit on the right platforms to reach the people that matter most to you. We know how media works – we’ve been working in this space for more than 25 years. We know what the smoke hides and the mirrors reflect and we can help you manage both – really well.

Reputations can be built and destroyed by not preparing

The court of public opinion can be a challenging place to be. Good planning and preparation is critical and we can help. You wouldn’t take the stand without preparing and you shouldn’t front the camera, or give an interview without this vital step either. Careers have been built and destroyed – in seconds. Viral takes on a whole new meaning. We can help you build a bank of good-will for your Brand.

Stakeholder Engagement

Understanding who the right people are to bring along on your journey is vital. But you need to approach this from their standpoint. What is important to them?  We can help you find out and then engage them in the most powerful way.

Welcome to Integrate Communications

Integrate Communications is an award-winning communications and business consultancy focussed on delivering results for their client’s based on solutions integrated with their overall strategic goals.

We have developed and implemented successful communications strategies at an enterprise –wide level as well as for specific projects and campaigns.

Our clients include companies large and small in retail, logistics and sport as well as not for profit and government agencies, particularly in emergency services.


We can help you develop successful communications strategies for:

  • Media (including media training)
  • Marketing communications
  • Key stakeholder engagement
  • Community engagement
  • Internal communications
  • Crisis management
Current Projects

Integrate Communications is currently working has worked with the Victoria Emergency Service (VICSES)  over the past four years developing and implementing their Service Delivery Strategy for the next decade. The strategy will see significant business transformation. An organisation that is more than 95% volunteer based will face unique challenges over the next decade facing more extreme and frequent weather events.

We have also assisted VICSES with:

  • Retention and recruitment program of works
  • Facilities Strategy
  • Fleet and Operational Equipment Strategy
  • Inspector General of Emergency Management (IGEM) review “10 Years of Reform in Emergency Services.”

On the communications side we have worked with the Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authorities Council (AFAC), producing a national publication to raise awareness of the contribution of fire and emergency service agency personnel, volunteer and staff.

Other corporate communications recently completed include:

  • Emergency Service Foundation Annual Report
  • Scholarship Booklet
  • 25 Year Anniversary Book
  • Melbourne Legacy Annual Report 2015
Special Projects

Casey Tutungi Flyer LogoCasey Tutungi Foundation

From time to time Integrate Communications gets to work with some of the most inspiring people on the planet. In June of 2013, Casey Tutungi an elite AFL/VFL footballer, had an  accident on the field which rendered him a quadriplegic.  IC worked with Casey’s family and the Casey Tutungi Foundation,  a vehicle to manage all the fundraising for his rehabilitation.  At the time Casey’s partner Bridget was six months pregnant. Rehabilitation and providing for his family were uppermost in his mind. The whole football community across the state but particularly Geelong and the Surf Coast shire rallied around Casey. The Melbourne media took this quietly determined and inspirational young man to heart.  Leading journalist Jo Hall described Casey as one of the most humble and forgiving people she has met in her career. “… there is not one drop of self -pity there.” She said.   This is true and his valiant and committed approach to his rehab has been an inspiration to others.

What we did:

Integrate communications got together with some of the best PR, advertising and marketing brains to draft out a 12 month strategy. All gave their time for this brainstorm session pro bono.   What we wanted more than anything was keep the Foundation alive for at least 12 months to maximise fundraising for Casey and his family. Surf Coast Shire Councillor, Clive Goldsworthy was instrumental in setting up the mechanics of the Foundation with appropriate governance and tax status. He was (and still is) brilliant. Many others, too numerous to mention came on board. Most notable the Barwon South Football Club where Casey was a player coach. Simon Daly  of Falls Festival fame also deserves a special mention for his heroic efforts in organising a free concert to fundraise for Casey. Some of Australia’s top artisits played at the “Concert for Casey” at Simmonds Stadium Geelong.   This was a campaign focussed on managing the media, ensuring we did not play favourites and giving information to all at the same time.  Treating everyone with respect and trying to ensure they all got something a little different was critical. Casey and Bridget are naturally reserved people and their main motivation in doing media was to thank everyone who had so generously supported them.  The 12 month program extended into 24 months, with additional media coverage generated though specific events or activities.

“Sue has been an amazing help in the most difficult time of our lives. The difficult was made easy with Sue managing tv and radio interviews, newspaper and magazine articles. I don’t know how we would have coped without you. Thanks again Sue and look forward to staying in touch.” Casey and Bridget Tutungi   “The dust has somewhat settled now since Casey’s football accident which left him a quadriplegic and all our lives have changed so much. We would like to personally thank you once again for all the wonderful work that you did in managing the media, from TV, radio and newspapers. It was just fantastic to know that you were there coordinating what was happening at that very emotional time for us. We are most grateful for your professional and caring approach to the situation and we would welcome the opportunity to highly recommend your services. we would be pleased to speak with anyone in regard to the services you offer.” Regards Chris and Carol Tutungi Lorne Bush House Cottages & Eco Retreats 1860 Deans Marsh Road Lorne



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